2022 Marathon Nationals – Newaygo, MI

Newaygo Nationals – August 11-14, 2022

The Newaygo Nationals Association was created for many reasons.  Our organization’s goals are to foster, facilitate and encourage amateur participation in paddling and outdoor recreation.  Some of the ways in which we will achieve these goals is to sponsor, conduct and host national paddling and outdoor recreation events.  The Newaygo Nationals Association will also cultivate national events and sporting competitions that draw awareness and provide a benefit to the Muskegon River Valley and its watershed by promoting these events for the competitors and our surrounding community.

We look forward to improving conservation and attentiveness of the resources in our area through these goals.  Newaygo Nationals Association encourages you to participate in these goals and events with us here in our community and beyond.

Best Regards,

Gabriel S. Slominski

Chairman, Newaygo Nationals Association

To register online please follow this link: 2022 USCA Marathon Nationals

Schedule of Events

Thursday – Youth Sprints and Adult/Youth Sprint Championships, Youth Marathon Championships, and Paddlers with Physical Disabilities Championships

C1 Youth (5-7)
C2 Youth (11-12)
C1 Youth (8-10)
K1 Youth (11-12)
C2 Youth (5-7)
K1 Youth (8-10)
C1 Youth (11-12)
C2 Youth (8-10)
K1 Youth (5-7)
C1 Girl Youth (13-14)
K1 Man Junior (15-17)
C2 Women Junior (15-17)

K1 Girl Youth (13-14)
C1 Boy Youth (13-14)

K1 Woman Junior (15-17)

C2 Men Junior (15-17)

C1 Women Junior (15-17)

C2 Boys Youth (13-14)

K1 Boy Youth (13-14)

C1 Man Junior (15-17)

C2 Girls Youth (13-14)

C2/K2 Mixed Junior (5-17)

SUP Unlimited Man (5-17)

SUP Unlimited Women (5-17)

C2/K2 Man Youth (5-7)

K1 Women w/ Disabilities

C2/K2 Man/Youth (8-10)

C2/K2 Man Youth (11-12)

K1 Man w/ Disabilities

C2/K2 Man/Youth (13-14)

C2/K2 Man Junior (15-17)

C2/K2 Woman/Youth (5-7)

V1 Man w/ Disabilities

C2/K2 Woman/Youth (8-10)

C2/K2 Woman/Youth (11-12)

V1 Woman w/ Disabilities

C2/K2 Woman/Youth (13-14)

C2/K2 Woman/Junior (15-17)

Youth Marathon

C1 Youth 5-7, 8-10, 11-12

K1 Youth 5-7, 8-10, 11-12

Friday – Marathon

K1 Touring Woman
K1 Sea Kayak Man
C2 Standard Mixed
C2 Mixed
C2 Man/Junior (C2 M/Jr)
C2 Woman/Junior (C2W/Jr)
K2 Unlimited Mixed
Short Course
C2 Man/Youth(C2 M/Y) C2 Woman/Youth (C2W/Y)
C2 Mixed Junior (C2 Mx Jr)
SUP Unlimited Man
SUP Unlimited Woman

Saturday – Marathon

C2 Standard Women
C2 Women
K1 Unlimited Man
K1 Sea Kayak Woman
C1 Man
C1 Man Stock
OC1 Woman
K2 Unlimited Women Short Course
K1 Unlimited Man Junior & Barton Youth Award
C1 Man Junior & Barton Youth Award
C2 Women Junior

Sunday – Marathon

C1 Woman
C1 Stock Woman
OC1 Man
C2 Men Open
C2 Standard Men
K1 Unlimited Woman
K1 Touring Men
K2 Unlimited Men Short Course
C1 Woman Junior & Barton Youth Award
K1 Woman Junior Unlimited & Barton Youth Award
C2 Men Junior