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Annual & SemiAnnual Mtgs, Overview & Bid Process

Last updated Wednesday, December 14, 2016    

The delegates to the USCA from the various regions and from qualifying Affiliated Clubs (the "Board") meet twice a year to deliberate and decide on the administration and management of the USCA.

The Annual Meeting is held, typically, on the second full weekend of January, at a location voted on by the Board at the previous year's Annual Meeting from bids presented by aspiring hosts. The 2017 Annual Meeting will be held January 13-15, in Charlotte, NC. For information on this meeting, go to 2017 USCA Annual Meeting

SemiAnnual Meetings are held on the Friday evening of Nationals week and are hosted by the Nationals host.

Call for bids to host the 2018 USCA Annual Meeting

Would you and/or your local club/division like to host the 2018 USCA Annual Meeting?

Dates for the 2018 Annual Meeting are set for Friday through Sunday, January 12-14, 2018.

Delegates to the USCA will vote on bids at the 2017 Annual Meeting in Charlotte, NC, January 13-15, 2017.

Anyone may make a bid. However, because a number of volunteers are required (see Guide to Hosting, below) both before and during the meeting, bids from paddling clubs (especially USCA Affiliated Clubs or USCA Divisions) or other organized groups with willing volunteers may be preferred.

Those interested in hosting this meeting should consult the documents linked below. It would be a good idea to let the Annual Meeting Coordinator, currently Larry Latta , know of your interest in putting a bid together. He can then be on the lookout for it — and even try to remind you as the deadline approaches!

Deadline for bids to be received, midnight EST, Sunday December 1, 2016:

The deadline for bids to be received (by Larry Latta, the Annual Meeting Coordinator) is midnight EST, Sunday December 1, 2016. Incomplete bids or bids received by the Annual Meeting Coordinator after the deadline will neither be accepted nor presented. The bid deadline will only be extended in the event that (a) no complete bids have been received by the deadline or (b) a request for, at most, a four-day extension due to extenuating circumstances has been received by the December 1 deadline, and granted.

A complete bid must be delivered in writing, electronically by email with attachments, to, copy to the USCA Webmaster, and must provide the information listed in the document How to Make a Bid to Host the January 2018 USCA Annual Meeting, including details about hotel and meeting rooms, airport and shuttle details, meals (including banquet), and a commitment to fulfill the requirements outlined in A Guide to Hosting an Annual Meeting for the USCA.

Verbal bids, incomplete bids, or bids not received in electronic form will not be accepted.

Please refer to the following documents, which may be found at USCA's documents page:
       1. Direct download here: How to Make a Bid to Host the January 2018 USCA Annual Meeting
       2. Direct download here: A Guide to Hosting an Annual Meeting for the USCA

Larry Latta (VP-USCA)
Annual Meeting Coordinator
United States Canoe Association
1188 Broken Bow Court
Westerville, OH 43081-3262
Home: (614) 882-1519

Further advice can be sought from, or questions answered by, the .

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