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An Archive of Articles from Canoe News

Here you'll find a growing selection of Canoe News articles from 1968 to the present, categorized by subject area.

Check out 4. Canoe News Covers & Contents Pages below to review the list of articles on the Contents page for each issue (but note that not all issues originally had contents pages; the missing contents pages will have to be created and added over time).

The creation of this archive of articles is a long term project; the current selection will be added to periodically.

The following is a subject area categorization of archived articles available on this site:

  1. Bill Klebe Award for Good Sportsmanship
The Bill Klebe Award for Good Sportsmanship The Bill Klebe Award, sponsored by the St Charles Canoe Club, St Charles, IL and approved January 10, 1999 by the USCA Board of Directors, was established to recognize "good sportsmanship." Bill Klebe was an...
  2. Biography (including Obituary)
This section includes all kinds of biographical articles from Canoe News about paddlers, mostly but not exclusively USCA members.
  3. Books & Other Media Reviews
This section will feature reviews from past issues of Canoe News of books, videos, and other media on subject matter of interest to paddlers.
  4. Canoe News Covers & Contents Pages
Covers & contents of (ultimately) all the Canoe News that have been published
  5. Cartoons & Humor
This section will feature cartoons that have appeared in Canoe News over the years.
  6. Clubs
This section will contain articles and notices from Canoe News about paddling clubs including USCA affiliated clubs.
  7. Conservation (incl Mike Fremont Award)
This section will contain conservation articles from Canoe News over the years. It will also feature articles on the winners of the Mike Fremont Conservation Award. This special award was approved by the USCA Board of Directors at the 1992 Semiannua...
  8. Cruising & Camping
This section will contain articles from past Canoe News issues on Cruising and Camping. Here's a recent one to start with:
  9. Equipment
This section will soon contain articles from Canoe News about paddling equipment and gear. The recent articles will be of current interest, but there will also be articles chosen from the annals for their historical interest. Stand by . . .
  10. History
This section will contain articles from Canoe News on the history of paddling, on paddling-related history, and the history of the USCA itself.
  11. Howie LaBrant Award
The LaBrant Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Sport of Canoeing was established at the 1980 USCA Annual Meeting as a joint project of the USCA and the Lafayette (IN) Canoe Club. Nominations for the Award are solicited from both the canoeing pu...
  12. Miscellaneous

  13. Nutrition, Health, & Medical

  14. Off-water training

  15. Paddler (formerly Canoeist) of the Year

  16. Paddling Technique and On-water Training

  17. Race Articles & Race Results (excl USCA Nationals)

  18. Safety

  19. Past USCA Nationals: General Information
This section will contain general information about past USCA Nationals published in Canoe News - overall accounts of the event, race maps, etc. It will also, where available, contain the race brochures created by the Nationals host.
  20. Past USCA Nationals – Reports, Race Results

  21. Youth Encouragement Award

  22. Youth in Paddling (incl the Barton Challenge)
This section of the archives is for all manner of articles relating to youth in paddling, including USCA's Barton Challenge Program, other youth programs, how to teach canoeing and kayaking to youngsters, and articles written by young paddlers themselves....
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