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Canoe & Kayak Racing Magazine

Links to the complete Canoe & Kayak Racing magazine archives.

Canoe & Kayak Racing magazine is an independent online magazine, whose work to promote the various disciplines of paddling competition is applauded by USCA Canoe News. Hence our interest in helping to promote it and make it available to our members, and also to the rest of the paddling community, through this website.

  Canoe & Kayak Racing, March/April 2010

➢ "New surfski association butts heads with ICF" — International surfski racers collaborate to form a new association to counter recent action by the International Canoe Federation to enter the lucrative surfski world.
➢ "Ask Coach Caven" — Ever wondered if interval training is for you? Or, trying to figure out if you incorporate enough rest in your training routine? Noe fear, Coach Shaun Caven answers these question for you.
➢ "Paddle Review" — Rob Mousley gives his review of two thumbs up and claims the upgraded Epic Mid Wing Paddle is a winner.
➢ "Show-Me-State showdown" - Rocky Caldwell hosts this annual marathon canoe & kayak event in Tecumseh, MO and gives racers the opportunity to compete in four races in holiday weekend, May 29-31.
➢ "Australian surfskiers confess their hydration sins" — Some of the most famous names in surfski Down Under admit they're not very good at foll0wing current advice about staying hydrated during races.
➢ "'Smart Paddle' may revolutionize training" — Margi Bohm, PHD, gives a detailed review of the new Excalibur paddle, which is a unique training device with built in high-tech electronics to give valuable training metrics.

  Canoe & Kayak Racing, January/February 2010

➢ "Tresnak" — When it comes to riding the bumps, there's none better than young Karel Tresnak, Jr. The large swell for him is just another day in the park.
➢ "Ask Coach Caven" — A new feature with Chesapeake Boathouse coach Shaun Caven, where the once British Canoe Union coach provides his professional coaching expertise for paddlers of all racing levels.
➢ "Indoor championship set for Oklahoma City" — The inaugural U.S. indoor championships introduces a new kind of competition to the paddling community and gives athletes something to look forward to during the long winter.
➢ "High kneel or sit down, canoe or kayak, sprint or marathon & it's all paddling" - Kaitlyn McElroy races at a high level in different boats in different disciplines crossing paddling boundaries and finds one experience enhances the other.
➢ "Oklahoma City's rebirth includes paddling Mecca" — With a major sponsor in Chesapeake Energy, Oklahoma City has become a new paddling high-performance center and top paddlers are making their way east to train.
➢ "Passion in the paddle" — Turn your race into a more meaningful experience by using it to raise funds for charity. Learn about Heifer International's efforts to end world hunger and one man's passion to paddle.
➢ "ICF adds women's canoe to championship program" — Pam Boteler gives readers the inside scoop on the ICF decision to add women's canoe to the World Championship program. Good news, Boteler said, but the work's not done in the area of gender equity in paddlesports.
➢ "Virtual ergometer racing" — Some cold-climate racers move their game indoors and still compete against each other thanks to the KayakPro ergometer and a bit of imagination.

  Canoe & Kayak Racing, November/December 2009

➢ One small step for a woman & another giant leap for womankind — Story about the effort to have women's canoe reach medal status in the Olympics
➢ How to get faster — faster — A discussion by Abel Hastings about interval training for marathon racing
➢ How NOT to race: Lessons learned from the inaugural Laredo RioFest — Anecdotal race report
➢ Outrigger racing finding home waters beyond the warm currents of the Pacific — A story about the popularity and growth of outrigger racing on the U.S. East Coast and Florida
➢ Hemmens couple set new record for Phatwater Kayak Challenge — Race report
➢ Abel Hastings thoughtful take on the ICF World Marathon Championships — Report on the regatta that crowns the world champions of marathon paddling

  Canoe & Kayak Racing, September/October 2009

➢ Cotter "deserves the win" as he takes U.S. Surfski Championships — Race report
➢ Outrigger canoe racing: A bit of historical perspective — background on Polynesian origins of outrigger racing
➢ Kona becomes the center of the six-man racing universe — Race report of the Queen Lili'uokalani in Hawai'i
➢ Mayor's Cup New York City Kayak Championships — Race preview
➢ SUP brah! — A brief on standup paddleboard racing
➢ Ekolu Kalama: Professional standup paddler and surf philanthropist — Racer profile
➢ A big PHAT challenge — Race preview of the Phatwater Challenge kayak race
➢ History made at Canada '09, the canoe sprint world championships — Report from the regatta that crowns the world champions including a sidebar about PaddleAbility
➢ The mystique of the Triple Crown of canoe marathon continues — Profile of the three races of the Triple Crown: The General Clinton, the Au Sable and La Classique
➢ World's top juniors compete at 13th ICF canoe sprint world championships in Moscow — Regatta profile
➢ The Colorado River 100: A race for the expert and novice — Race report
➢ The story from the point of the spear: A recap of the Missouri River 340 from the front of the race — Race report

  Canoe & Kayak Racing, July/August 2009

➢ Brothers in arms — Racer profile of Patrick and Ryan Dolan of the U.S. sprint team
➢ Focused and determined — Racer profile of Maggie Hogan of the U.S. sprint team ➢ A primer on flatwater sprint racing
➢ Women in Racing — Profile of DeAnne Hemmens, famous surfski racer and owner of Ocean Paddlesports
➢ Coach's Corner — Discussion on diet and hydration during training and racing
➢ Young U.S. sprint team successful despite challenges on and off the water — Story on the development and progress of the U.S. sprint team (includes side bar on importance of club system)
➢ Pass out the shades, the future may look bright for U.S. sprint racing — Additional article discussing the development of young paddlers in the U.S.
➢ State of canoe sprint in the U.S. — A conversation with USA Canoe/Kayak CEO David Yarborough
➢ Matchups highlight of Canada's Yukon River Quest — Famous race in Canada was a matchup of three soloists and a couple of voyager canoes
➢ Canadians edge U.S. at Lake Placid International — Race report
➢ Campers have immediate success at international regatta — U.S. youth development camp helped young junior team grow

  Canoe & Kayak Racing, May/June 2009

➢ The history of the Texas Water Safari
➢ American tandem of Johnson and Kelly surprise many, reach podium at legendary British race
➢ THE Texas alligator story — A crazy encounter of two veteran Safari racers with the granddaddy gator of Texas
➢ Women in Racing: Finding our rhythm — Q&A with Ginsie Stauss, top Texas racer (Part 2)
➢ Coach's Corner — Discussion of the aerobic system of energy
➢ Running the Safari & on the sidelines — Insights from experienced Texas Water Safari ground crews
➢ Brief glimpses of racing the Safari — Anecdotes and confessions from 17 years of racing the Texas Water Safari by West Hansen
➢ Comparisons of three famous ultra marathons — Marek Uliasz has raced the Missouri River 340, the Texas Water Safari and the Florida Everglades Challenge and compares them
➢ Bartletts conquer channel in Steinlager championship — Lauren and Kai Bartlett rack up another outrigger championship including Moloka'i
➢ Wavechaser paddle series offers multiple racing choices and great settings — race series profile
➢ Different strokes for different folks — A primer on boat specifications for USCA type crafts
➢ McGregor outdistances competition, defeats flat conditions to take Moloka'i — race report of famous Moloka'i surfski race

  Canoe & Kayak Racing, March/April 2009

➢ Pain and suffering seem to call to many marathon paddlers — Missouri River 340 race director Scott Mansker gives his thoughts about why people are drawn to ultra-marathon races
➢ Profile of Richard Steppe, Texas racer
➢ Women in Racing: Finding our rhythm — Q&A with Ginsie Stauss, top Texas racer (Part 1)
➢ Coach's Corner: Training and racing to BPM
➢ The view from the captain's chair — Race official and safety boat pilot Karin Thomas describes her Missouri River 340 race experience
➢ Des Plaines River Canoe Marathon — race profile
➢ Can a paddling ergometer help the weekend warrior?
➢ Think you have what it takes to represent your country? — 2009 U.S. national marathon team trials set for Atlanta Olympics venue

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