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Page last updated December 8, 2016

USCA's Conservation Committee

Chair: OPEN Contact Peter Heed, USCA President, .

Welcome to USCA's conservation pages.

Part of USCA's mission is "To practice conservation and preservation of streams and rivers, inland lakes, and waterways, both rural and urban. To work with local, regional and national organizations who reflect the same conservation purposes of the Association."

USCA encourages participation in the activities of local river, lake and waterway conservation organizations, including participating in cleanups that these groups organize.

A. Links to other conservations groups
Link here to the websites of your national and local river, lake, or waterway conservation and preservation organizations. If your local river or watershed conservation organization is not shown here, and you would like it to be, please email .

B. To SEARCH for or POST a river cleanup, here's how.

(i) To search for a river cleanup go to the Worldwide Paddling Event Calendar. By clicking them on the map, select the states or regions that interest you, then click Show/Hide Advanced Options and click "Cleanup & Community Service Events". (This will filter out all non-cleanup events.) THEN, press the red rectangle "Click to compare Regional Events".

(i) To post a river cleanup, go to "Add Your Event" - Be sure to set up an account, then fill out the event form for your cleanup. By setting up an account you can get back to edit your posting, or update it with changes and new information at any time. Email the webmaster, , if you have any problems or questions.

C. Want to organize your own river cleanup?

Here is a handy guide from Massachusetts' Department of Fish and Game website: Massachusetts River Cleanups Article.
Note that some of the advice is particular to Massachusetts. You should check which authorities, if any, in your state or community may need to be consulted before staging a cleanup.

D. Articles on Conservation issues.

We launch this collection with a series of articles from the January-February issue of Adirondack Explorer magazine on the subject of a lawsuit against its editor, Phil Brown, who was testing paddlers' right of way on navigable waters through private land near Thayer Lake in New York.

  Conservation Links
USCA's Conservation Committee's links to other conservation organizations.
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