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USCA Nationals: Youth Sprints Information
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Event Name USCA Nationals: Youth Sprints
Type Of Event Canoe Sprints (0 to 1.5km/1 mile)
Kayak Sprints (0 to 1.5km/1 mile)
Stand-Up Paddling
Barton Cup Qualifier? No
Start Date 08/09/2012
End Date Single Day Event
Description Complete USCA Nationals Registration Forms - click here.

USCA National Youth Sprint Championships

Must be a USCA Member.

9:00 AM to 10:00 AM – Registration and membership for Youth sprint races at Chapman State Park. Pre-registration is encouraged and recommended.
10:30 AM – Youth Sprint racing begins and runs until finished. Awards presentation approx. 1 hr after heats completed.

A paddler may enter one each of C1, C2, C2 Mixed, K1, and SUP for a total of five (5) events.
Sequence of events
250 Meters
1 C1 Fledgling I        
2 C2 Bantam              
3 C1 Fledgling II
4 C2 Fledgling I
5 C1 Bantam
6 C2 Fledgling II
500 Meters
1 C1 Girl Juvenile            
2 K1 Man Junior                  
3 C2 Women Junior          
4 C1 Boy Juvenile             
5 K1 Woman Junior
6 C2 Men Junior
7 C1 Woman Junior
8 C2 Boys Juvenile
9 C1 Man Junior
10 C2 Girls Juvenile
11 C2 Mixed Open
12 SUP Unlimited Man Jr. & SUP Unlimited Woman Jr.(Trial)

Effective in 2010: In Fledgling I, Fledgling II and Bantam events, any boat may be used. The sole requirement is that the boat is propelled by a single-bladed (canoe) paddle in canoe events and a double-bladed (kayak) paddle in kayak events. Rudders, outriggers and multi-hull designs are allowed.

A US Coast Guard approved PFD must be worn by persons aged 14 or younger at all times on the water, and by contestants in Juvenile and younger classes. Others may be required to wear a PFD if conditions warrant.

4:00 PM to 6:00 PM - Open registration for Friday through Sunday Marathon events at Betts Recreation Park.

Other days' events during USCA Nationals week.

Monday: On-site registration for all events.

Adult, Adult/Youth Sprints, & Sprints for Paddlers with Physical Disabilities.

No day of race registration.
On-site registration for Wednesday through Sunday events.

Wednesday: Canoe Instructor Training – click here for information and registration form.
Registration deadline July 17, 2012.

Wednesday: Orienteering.
Day-of-race registration permitted. On-site registration for Thursday through Sunday events.

Wednesday: Biathlon.
Day-of-race registration permitted. On-site registration for Thursday through Sunday events.

Friday: Marathons including USACK and Barton Cup C1 Finals for Youth.
No day-of-race registration. On-site registration for Saturday and Sunday events.

Saturday: Marathons including USACK.
No day-of-race registration. On-site registration for Sunday events.

Sunday: Marathons including USACK and Barton Cup K1 Finals for Youth.
No day-of-race registration.
Location Information
Body(ies) of Water Chapman Lake
Type Of Water
Start Location Map Start Location Chapman State Park
Warren, Pennsylvania
United States
Chapman State Park
Finish Location Same as Start Location.
Other Event Details
Price Range $5 - $15
$15 - $25
Fees and Costs
Members Only? USCA Membership Required
Prizes and Awards Medals.
Contact Information
Race Host Warren County Chamber of Business and Industry
Contact John Papalia
Contact Address 308 Market Street
Warren, Pennsylvania 16365
United States
Phone (814) 723-3050

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