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Race Events:
Canoe Marathon (10km/6 miles & up)
Kayak Marathon (10km/6 miles & up)
Canoe Short Marathon (1.6km/1 mile to 10km/6 miles)
Kayak Short Marathon (1.6km/1 mile to 10km/6 miles)
Canoe Sprints (0 to 1.5km/1 mile)
Kayak Sprints (0 to 1.5km/1 mile)
Downriver Canoe (whitewater)
Wildwater (including decked canoes & kayaks)
Slalom (including decked canoes & kayaks)
Open Canoe Slalom
Rodeo (any canoe or kayak)
Freestyle Canoe
Stand-Up Paddling
General Paddlesport Race
Biathlon or Triathlon (with paddling component)
Outrigger Canoe
Canoe Orienteering Competition
Adventure Race (multi-sport, including paddling)
Dragonboat or Swanboat
Voyageur / North Canoe / Rabaska
Adaptive Paddling (events for paddlers with disabilities)
Other competition paddling event:
Cleanup & Community Service Events:
River / Waterway / Coastal Cleanup
Fundraiser or Benefit
Non-Race Events: Cruises, Symposia, Festivals etc.
Paddling or Water Instruction
Trade Show
Rendezvous (historical theme)

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If the event date is tentative remember to contact US Canoe News when the date is confirmed.
Location Information
Body(ies) of Water
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Type Of Water
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River: Flatwater
River: Whitewater class

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*Start Location
Where does the event start, i.e. enter the address, forest preserve, park name, etc.?
Directions to Start
Finish Location
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Same as Start Location
Where does the event finish, i.e. enter the address, forest preserve, park name, etc.?
Directions to End
Other Event Details
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$15 - $25
$25 - $40
$40 - $60
$60 - $80
$80 - $100
$100 Or More
Fees and Costs
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