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Events Sanctioning and Insurance

Page last updated October 24, 2017


USCA Insurance Rates Hold Steady & Maintain Coverage
for 2017 Event Liability Insurance Program

Charlotte, NC 1/15/17.

At its 50th Annual Meeting, the United States Canoe Association (USCA) voted to keep its highly competitive event liability insurance rates for competition and non-competition events unchanged for 2017 for USCA event organizer members. The USCA's rates, perhaps the most competitive in the industry, have enabled event organizers to find affordable liability insurance and participant accident coverage for their events and keep the sport of canoe racing and kayak racing active. Insurance for canoe, kayak, stand-up paddleboard races, as well as outrigger canoe races and dragon boat festivals bring affordable, important protection and peace of mind to event organizers, and other parties involved in putting on these events. Non-competitive cruises and on-the-water demonstrations are also covered by this program. The USCA Insurance Program continues to be underwritten by the K&K Insurance Group | Sports Division. This year the USCA has partnered with Specialty Insurance Consultants, LLC, to administer the USCA Insurance Program. The agent will work directly with the USCA event organizers for all their insurance needs. The insurance coverage includes General Liability coverage of $1,000,000 per occurrence with $2,000,000 per occurrence of Excess Liability coverage. This is a total of $3,000,000 per occurrence is for any number of claims reported.

The USCA also provides a very competitive insurance program for USCA Affiliated Clubs who want to have an annual liability insurance coverage for their club's activities. This liability insurance program is for canoe clubs, kayak clubs and outrigger canoe clubs. The USCA's program permits member clubs to get year round insurance for all of their activities off and on water including training, practices related to canoeing and kayaking ancillary activities related to the operations of the club. Download the 2017 Year Round Insurance Packet only to request this insurance coverage.

To access the USCA Event Insurance Program, you must be a current USCA Race Sponsor, Affiliated Club or Business Affiliate. Your 2017 USCA member number will be verified with the membership database before you can access the program. If you are not a current member, see Step #3 below. If you have never held a sanctioned race before, please submit your insurance request with your race or event flyer no later than 21 days prior to the event to permit time to review the event information and to verify USCA sanctioning requirements have been met.

Please download the appropriate 2017 Insurance Packet. Fill out the interactive insurance request form, print and mail the forms with check made payable to the USCA to the Insurance Account Manager, Holly Sackhoff, 149 S. Andover Road, Suite A, Andover KS 67002. Email: or phone: 844-558-5181.
You will need Adobe Reader
to read these pdf-formatted forms.
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                              Download 2017 USCA Event Insurance Packet
                              Download 2017 USCA Club Year Round Insurance Packet

USCA offers you insurance coverage for 5 types of Canoe/Kayak events:
• Racing (Competition) Events,
• Cruising (Non-competition) Events,
• Practice/Training (Non-competition) Events,
• Workshops (Non-competition),
• On-Water Demonstration (Non-competition) Events.

Step 1: Download the entire Event Insurance Packet for 2017: Download All Insurance Forms for 2017. Please read the sanctioning requirements for your specific type of event as they are very important. You will need to print out and display these requirements at your event site. You must adhere to the safety rules. The USCA has tried to make these insurance request forms as simple as possible to keep the cost to a minimum.

Step 2: Fill in and send only the two pages of the INSURANCE REQUEST forms you need. The forms may be filled in on the screen and then printed or printed and filled in. Send the completed forms with a check made payable to USCA to the Insurance Account Manager no less than two (2) weeks prior to your event. Are you a new event organizer? Please submit your forms at least three (3) weeks prior to the event. If you have any insurance questions, please contact the insurance account manager Holly Sackhoff. For any USCA questions, please contact USCA President, Rebecca Davis by phone, 516-227-4794, or email:

If the insurance request arrives less than 14 days prior to the event, a delay in delivery of the certificate(s) might result. Please plan ahead.

Step 3: Ensure that you have the right type of USCA membership for the event.
You must have the right type of USCA membership (listed below) to qualify you for the right type of event insurance.
(Not a current member? Click here to join on line  - or -  Click here to download a membership form).

Membership categories that can sponsor an insured event are as follows:

    A Race Sponsor membership entities you to apply for RACE (COMPETITION) or CRUISE OR PRACTICE (NON-COMPETITION) Sanctioned Events.

    A Affiliated Club membership entitles you to apply for COMPETITION or CRUISE OR PRACTICE (NON-COMPETITION) Sanctioned Events.

    A Business Affiliate membership entitles you to apply for WORKSHOP or ON-WATER DEMONSTRATION (NON-COMPETITION) Sanctioned Events

Step 4: The Insurance Account Manager will send the insurance certificates, waiver forms and other information to approved event organizers. After the event, completed USCA WAIVER FORMS are to be sent to the Insurance Account Manager within two (2 weeks after your event, with any additional fees, if applicable. The USCA Insurance Program covers those athletic participants who sign the USCA WAIVER FORMS that have been RETURNED to the Insurance Account Manager.

You may obtain an ADDITIONAL INSURED certificate(s) up to 30 days prior to your event, please see the appropriate pages for details and pricing. Some public parks, boat landings, etc. are now requiring an Additional Insured certificate. Send the request and appropriate administrative fee with your insurance requests to the Insurance Account Manager. If not sent with the insurance request, please provide sufficient information to identify your event when you send the form to the Insurance Account Manager.

Please read and fill out the material carefully. USCA wants to sanction your event and have you insured properly.

Thank you for your support of the USCA and the USCA Insurance Program.

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