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Events Sanctioning and Insurance

Page last updated June 13, 2016


USCA Insurance Rates Hold Steady & Maintain Coverage
for 2016 Event Liability Insurance Program

Jacksonville, FL, 1/10/16.

At its 49th Annual Meeting, the United States Canoe Association (USCA) voted to keep its highly competitive event liability insurance rates for competition and non-competition events unchanged for 2016 for USCA event organizer members. The USCA's rates, perhaps the most competitive in the industry, have enabled event organizers to find affordable liability insurance and participant accident coverage for their events and keep the sport of canoe racing and kayak racing active. Insurance for canoe, kayak, stand-up paddleboard races, as well as outrigger canoe races and dragon boat festivals bring affordable, important protection and peace of mind to event organizers, and other parties involved in putting on these events. Non-competitive cruises and on-the-water demonstrations are also covered by this program. The USCA Insurance Program is underwritten by the Sports Division, K&K Insurance Group. The USCA Insurance Coordinator works directly with the K&K Insurance Group Associate Underwriter to serve your needs for the 2016 event insurance program. The general liability coverage is $1,000,000 per occurrence with $2,000,000 per occurrence of excess liability. The total of $3,000,000 per occurrence is for any number of claims reported.

The USCA also provides a very competitive insurance program for USCA Affiliated Clubs who want to have an annual liability insurance coverage for all of the club's activities. This liability insurance program is for canoe clubs, kayak clubs and outrigger canoe clubs. The USCA's program has permitted member canoe clubs to get year round insurance for all of their activities, which promotes canoe and kayak racing, cruising, canoe camping and canoe and kayak tripping.

The USCA's event liability program also applies to indoor ergometer races. For further information on either the event liability or the club liability programs, please contact the USCA insurance coordinator, Joan Theiss at (352) 588-9877 or at or .

USCA Insurance Committee Chair.   

You may download the 2016 insurance forms, print, fill out and mail the application with the appropriate payment to the USCA Insurance Coordinator: Joan Theiss, 12802 Lake Jovita Blvd, Dade City, FL 33525-8265.
You will need Adobe Reader
to read these pdf-formatted forms.
                        Get Adobe Reader →

                              Download All Insurance Forms for 2016 - full set.
                              Download USCA 2016 Club Year Round Insurance Form only.

USCA offers you insurance coverage for 5 types of Canoe/Kayak events:
• Racing (Competition) Events,
• Cruising (Non-competition) Events,
• Practice/Training (Non-competition) Events,
• Workshops (Non-competition),
• On-Water Demonstration (Non-competition) Events.

Step 1: Download the full set of Insurance and Event Forms: Download All Insurance Forms for 2016 - full set. — note: year-round club insurance forms can be downloaded separately from the download list above. The full set also contains a step by step guide for event hosting. The USCA has tried to make these forms as simple as possible and keep your cost to a minimum.

Or you can download a Interactive Insurance and Event Request form (click here) fill it out on the screen, print it, and mail it with your check to USCA's Insurance Coordinator (Joan Theiss).

Step 2: Complete the REQUEST FORM and return it to USCA's Insurance Coordinator no less than 2 weeks prior to your event. If you have any questions please contact the insurance coordinator: Joan Theiss at

If the postmark on your envelope is less than 14 days before the event, then a late fee may be charged for the processing of your request.

Step 3: Ensure that you have the right type of USCA membership for the event.
You must have the right type of USCA membership (listed below) to qualify you for the right type of event insurance.
(Not a current member? Click here to join on line  - or -  Click here to download a membership form).

Membership categories that can sponsor an insured event are as follows:

    A Race Sponsor membership entities you to apply for RACE (COMPETITION) or CRUISE OR PRACTICE (NON-COMPETITION) Sanctioned Events.

    A Affiliated Club membership entitles you to apply for COMPETITION or CRUISE OR PRACTICE (NON-COMPETITION) Sanctioned Events.

    A Business Affiliate membership entitles you to apply for WORKSHOP or ON-WATER DEMONSTRATION (NON-COMPETITION) Sanctioned Events

Step 4: The completed USCA WAIVER FORMS for your event are to be sent to the Insurance Coordinator within one (1) week after your event, with any additional fees, if applicable. Only the USCA Insurance Program covers those athletic participants who sign the USCA WAIVER FORMS and RETURN them to the Insurance Coordinator.


Please read and fill out the material carefully. USCA wants to sanction your event and have you insured properly.

You may obtain an ADDITIONAL INSURED certificate up to 30 days prior to your event, please see the appropriate pages for details and pricing. Some public parks, boat landings, etc. are now requiring an Additional Insured certificate. A General Proof of Insurance Certificate is available at no extra charge.

USCA Insurance Coordinator: .

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