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Instructor Training

Page last updated July 25, 2015

USCA Canoe Instructor Certification Course

    Registration Form: Canoe Instructor Certification Course 2015.

    Instructor Certification Course Description.

    Current List of Certified Canoe Instructors (as of December 2012).


This nationally USCA certified course is designed for those USCA members who wish to become certified by the USCA to teach groups desiring education in safe canoeing skills. Groups such as clubs, park districts, scouts, YMCA, etc will benefit from USCA Certified Instructors teaching safety in paddling. The course will cover basic concepts for recreational canoeing teaching strokes, safety, and maneuvers needed to maintain boat control in moving water. Instruction will take place on land and on the water. A USCA Canoeing Manual will provide a curriculum presenting the history of canoeing, outdoor protection, fitness/conditioning, conservation, equipment, transportation, launching/landing, boarding and stability, basic paddling strokes and much more.

This course is offered at USCA's Nationals every August, typically an all-day program on the Wednesday of Nationals week. In 2015 USCA Nationals will be held in Warren, PA, August 11-16 (Tue-Sun). See Scheduled Course Dates for 2015, below.

Other regionally-held instructor courses are taught when 6 to 10 students are available. Such regionally-held instructor courses can be arranged with the following certified USCA Instructor Trainers:

Each participant will receive a USCA Instructor's Manual, USCA Video, an official Instructor's T-shirt, instructor certification, and other supplies.

At least 18 years of age, current USCA Membership ← click here to join (yearly membership required, $30.00 or less per year), Adult CPR and First Aid Training (You must bring or have evidence of current CPR/First Aid certification to be admitted entry to the course), basic experience with canoe handling and paddling techniques (Equivalent that taught in the USCA Basic canoe course). Teaching experience will be helpful but not required.

Cost: $130.00 (or less)

Course Length:
8 hours of training. Includes classroom and water time

Qualifications for instructor certification include:
Participation in the course, demonstration of knowledge and skill in canoeing, canoe safety, effective communications techniques, teaching methods and class management. Evaluation will by means of written and practical examination to assess knowledge, skill, leadership, and teaching ability.

Scheduled Course Dates for 2015:
One USCA canoeing instructor course is currently scheduled: for Wednesday, Aug 12, 2015, from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM, in Warren, PA (the site of the 2015 USCA National Championships.

Pre-registration and payment for this course is required by July 24, 2015.

Please see to the details of needing current CPR and first Aid certification prior to the class.

To register for the August 12, 2015 course in Warren, PA, download and complete the Registration Form: Canoe Instructor Certification Course. Registration deadline July 24, 2015.

For more information contact:
Bob Spain
823 Arroweye Trail
Austin, TX 78733
home (512-296-5544

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