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Support & Sponsorship of Canoe News and the USCA Website

We welcome the support of sponsors.

To sponsor Canoe News magazine and USCA's website, please see our sponsorship guidelines – which will post here after they have been updated, probably in late January 2015.

Canoe News, a 32-72 page magazine, is a storehouse of information about paddlesports. It contains up-to-date canoe and kayak articles, safety, training and fitness nutrition, comprehensive event schedules and results (races, cruises, clinics, demonstrations, river cleanups, etc.), and reports and articles related to the USCA's focus on its "five stars" - Competition, Cruising, Conservation, Camping and Camaraderie.

Major competitions covered in Canoe News focus on marathon canoe & kayak races, but also include dragonboat, voyageur canoe, outrigger canoe, and other competitive paddling events like triathlon, sprint, open water & ocean racing, surfski, and more. The magazine is geared not only toward serious canoe and kayak paddlers (men, women, and youth) but is also for recreational paddlers, who may participate more casually and want to be informed about general paddlesports equipment and activities.

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