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Submit articles & photos
Canoe News magazine invites and welcomes the submission for publication of good, accurate news and informational articles, and photos, relating to canoeing and kayaking, especially:
  • all aspects of marathon canoe and kayak racing (including biathlon, triathlon, adventure racing):
        technique, training, equipment, race reports, race results
  • safety, health, and nutrition
  • waterway conservation
  • canoe/kayak cruises, tripping, and camping

Please note that:
    " USCA is a not for profit association, and neither USCA nor Canoe News is budgeted to pay fees to its contributors.

and that:
    " By submitting material to USCA and/or Canoe News you agree to its free use in Canoe News magazine, uscanoenews.com, and/or any other USCA publication or website, in print, online, or other form, and to allow USCA to permit others to use the material in harmony with the purposes and goals of the USCA, which include the safe enjoyment of paddling, a healthy life style, the promotion of waterway conservation, and event promotion.

Please state the copyright ownership (and year) for all material submitted.

USCA and Canoe News will print the copyright statements you provide, or will assume that if you do not specify otherwise, that the copyright is yours.

USCA and Canoe News reserve the right to edit materials submitted for publication.

No commitment to publish is implied by the invitation to submit.

Before submitting material, please read: Guidelines for Submission of Articles and Photographs


Steven Horney, Editor
15805 Timber Willow Drive
Huntertown, IN 46748

Phone: cell (260) 452-6447

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