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USCA Affiliated Clubs
Paddling clubs may join USCA as an Affiliated Club ← click here to join. The USCA's Rules and Regulations require the following, in addition to a membership fee:

A. Organized clubs having eight (8) or more members (not necessarily USCA members) shall submit to the Membership Chairman of the Association a membership roster, and the name of the club's representative who shall have the benefits of a Governing member.

B. Organized clubs having ten (10) or more Governing members of the Association shall be eligible for one (1) Delegate.

C. Affiliated Clubs who desire to sponsor a sanctioned race shall be eligible, upon request, to receive race sponsor benefits at no additional cost.

USCA Affiliated Clubs with Delegates to the USCA

Florida Competition Paddlers Association - website
  USCA Delegate: Kathy Edwards
Michigan Canoe Racing Association - website
  USCA Delegate: Chris Hewitt
New England Canoe and Kayak Racing Association - website
  USCA Delegate: Priscilla Reinertsen
New York Marathon Canoe Racing Association - website
  USCA Delegate: Scott Stenberg

  USCA Delegate: Steve Rosenau

  USCA Delegate: Jerry Patton
Saint Charles Canoe Club - website
  USCA Delegate: Ben Josefik
Texas Canoe and Kayak Racing Association - website
  USCA Delegate: Chris Stevenson

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