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USCA Aluminum Canoe Specifications

USCA Competition Rules for the Aluminum Nationals

The 2010 version of the Competition Rules needs to be updated in a number of areas, including the Aluminum Nationals, as a result of decision made by the Delegates.

Here is a summary of the current rules, as they relate to the 2015 USCA National Aluminum Canoe Marathon Championships.

Stock Aluminum Boat Specifications

1. After the 2001 Aluminum Nationals, maximum length is 17 feet 4 inches.
2. The intention of the stock aluminum class is to have a National Championship class for stock factory aluminum canoes. The specifications of a stock canoe have been purposely left off and the canoes will be judged "stock" by the Competition Chairman and the Technical Director of Inspection. Most common manufacturers of aluminum boats will meet this requirement. Approval may be obtained for a specific model at the Nationals jigging.
3. No modifications can be made to the canoe except seat type, placement changes and interior modifications to interior bulkheads and end caps. To facilitate a change of seat type and placement, original factory seats may be removed. Adequate flotation to support the boat fully submerged with 25 lbs must be permanently attached to the canoe.

List of events

C2 Stock Aluminum Men Open
C2 Stock Aluminum Women Open
C2 Stock Aluminum Men Junior
C2 Stock Aluminum Women Junior
K1 Downriver Men
K1 Downriver Women
C2 Stock Aluminum Mixed (Trial Event)

There will be one team pair of USCA National Champions for each of these four Stock Aluminum classes (one each for K1 Downriver) who will receive USCA championship shirts and awards. In addition the first three Master teams (both paddlers 40 or over on race day) in each of the Open classes will receive medals as age class champions. The first Veteran (both paddlers 60 or over on race day) teams, men and women, will receive special recognition medals.

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