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USCA Divisions

USCA is comprised of fourteen Divisions, listed as Organized or Non-organized.

The status of a Division may change as a result of petition and thereby alter its status. The States listed within a Non-organized Regional Division may vary dependent upon the membership composition of the States.
As States may petition to withdraw from a Regional Division and operate as a single entity (State Division) the States listed within the Division may change.
The Membership Chair of the Association maintains current status of the States and Regions.

Currently there are five Organized State & Regional Divisions:

Florida Division/USCA

Website: Shared with Affiliated Club Florida Competition Paddlers Association
President: John Edwards,
Vice president: LaVerne Young,
Secretary: Kathy Edwards,
Treasurer: Kathy Edwards,
Membership: Joan Theiss,
Publication: Tim Dodge (temporarily),
Competition: Open
Safety: Open
Camaraderie, Camping, Conservation, and Cruising: Open
Delegates to the USCA:
    Larry Frederick,
    Lloyd Reeves,

Indiana Division/USCA

President: Steve Horney
Vice president: Bill Kanost
Secretary: Ted Beatty
Treasurer: Ted Beatty
Webmaster: Steve Stelter
Historian: Bob Stwalley
Competition Chair: Steve Horney
Trophy Chair: open
Cruise Chair: open
Membership & Mailing List Chair: open
Delegates to the USCA:
    Julie Horney
    Steve Horney

New York Division/USCA

President: Larry Liquori,
Treasurer: Dave Donner,
Delegates to the USCA:
    David Donner,
    Larry Liquori,
    Scott Stenberg,

Ohio Division/USCA

President: Bill Corrigan,
Vice president: Norm Skinner,
Secretary: Debbie Grogan,
Treasurer: Larry Latta,
WebMaster: Dan Mecklenburg,
Camping Committee: Don Myers, (330) 877-2546
Cruising Committee: Larry Latta,
Competition, Membership, Newsletter: Bill Corrigan,
Conservation Committee: Larry Latta, (614) 203-8737
Nominating Committee: Brenda Latta, (614) 882-1519
Safety Committee: Marvin King, (330) 929-0336
Delegates to the USCA:
   Bill Corrigan,
   Larry Latta (USCA V.P.),
   Norm Skinner,

Penn Jersey Division/USCA

Website (shared with Affiliated Club, PACK):
President: Jeff Rankinen,
Vice President: Dan Glover,
Secretary: Deb Glover,
Treasurer: Amy Rankinen,
Newsletter Editor / Webmaster: Jeff Rankinen,
Delegates for Penn-Jersey to the USCA:
    Ken Gerg,
    Kate Wenrich-Kaiser,
    Ron Kaiser,
    Norm Ludwig,
    Judy Jeanes,
Note: the PACK delegate to the USCA is Jerry Patton, (814) 642-9161.

Non Organized Regional Divisions.

There are nine Non Organized Regional Divisions. These regions have no formal structure, officers, and so forth, but they do elect Delegates based on the membership numbers in their states.

East South Central Division, (AL, KY, MS, TN)

Delegates to the USCA:
    Fred Tuttle

East North Central Division, (IL, MI, WI)

Delegates to the USCA:
    Everett Crozier, WI —
    Derek Diget, MI —
    John Hazel, MI —
    Joe Johnson, MI —
    Karl Teske, IL —
    Wally Werderich, IL —
    Lynne Witte, MI —

Mountain Division, (AZ, CO, ID, MT, NM, NV, UT, WY)

Delegates to the USCA:
    Lynn Capen, CO —

New England Division, (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT)

Delegates to the USCA:
    Robert Allen, MA —
    Priscilla Reinertsen, NH —
    Paula Thiel, CT —
    Peter Heed (USCA Pres), NH —

Pacific Division, (AK, CA, HI, OR, WA)

Delegates to the USCA:

South Atlantic Division, (DC, DE, GA, MD, NC, SC, VA, WV)

Delegates to the USCA:
    Lynne McDuffie, NC —
    William McDuffie, NC —
    Ed Sharp, VA —

West North Central Division, (IA, KS, MN, MO, NE, ND, SD)

Delegates to the USCA:
    Earl Brimeyer, IA —
    Doug Pennington, IA —

West South Central Division, (AR, AZ, LA, OK, TX TN)

Delegates to the USCA:
    Bob Spain, TX —
    Don Walls, AR —

Non US Regional Division, (All Foreign Countries)

Delegate to the USCA:

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