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  National Canoe & Kayak Championships - Overview
Introduction to the USCA National Canoe & Kayak Championships. Also USACK National Kayak Marathon Championships.
  A Guide to Racing at Nationals
To compete at USCA Nationals you need is current USCA membership, the right canoe or almost any kayak, and a race fee ...
  Boat specs, USCA race classes
A guide to the boat specifications for canoes, kayaks, and stand up paddleboards that qualify for each USCA racing class.
  USCA Nationals Age Class Definitions
USCA age class definitions: age for adults is as of race day; for youth, age at midnight, the previous December 31.
Results for USCA Nationals from 2002 to the most recent Nationals.
  Aluminum Nationals - Overview
USCA National Stock Aluminum Canoe Marathon Championships: overview and competition rules.
  2017 USCA Aluminum Nationals —North Port, FL

  2017 USCA Canoe & Kayak Nationals-Dubuque, IA

  PAST RESULTS - Aluminum Nationals
Results for the Aluminum Nationals from 1998 onward.
  USCA Aluminum Canoe Specifications
Relevant extracts from USCA's Competition Rules relating to specifications for Aluminum Canoes at the USCA National Stock Aluminum Canoe Marathon Championships.
  Call for Bids to Host USCA National Championships
Procedure and deadlines for bidding to host the USCA National Canoe & Kayak Championships and the USCA National Stock Aluminum Canoe Marathon Championships
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