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A Guide to USCA Stand Up Paddleboard Specs

USCA Competition Rules 2012

Extract: section on Stand-Up-Paddleboard Racing Class Specifications

L. Stand-Up-Paddleboard

At the 2010 Annual Meeting, the USCA Delegates approved to accept and utilize the standardized rules and specifications for Stand-Up-Paddleboard. January 16, 2011, the rules were revised and approved as follows:

1. All boards must be paddled standing up with a single blade paddle.
2. Skegs or rudders may be used on the bottom or stern unless they are designed to extend the waterline of the hull shape.
3. Special SUP Safety Rules regarding PFD use:
Any race that includes rapids, SUP paddlers must wear a US Coast Guard approved PFD. Throwable devices or any that are belt or fanny pack type PFDs do not satisfy this requirement. Any SUP paddler or a paddler who attempts to use either a fanny pack, belt or throwable device in the absence of appropriate PFDs will be disqualified. No questions asked. No protests entertained for arbitration in this regard. In flat water conditions, SUP paddlers must follow the same PFD rules as canoe and kayak paddlers. PFDs and whistles may be fastened to the board.

Class types and Specifications:
1. Stock (SUP-S M, SUP-S W)
   a. Maximum length of twelve (12) feet six (6) inches. (12′6″)
   b. A paddler is only allowed to win the National Marathon Championship in this stock class once in a lifetime.
2. Mid
   Maximum length of fourteen (14) feet.
3. Unlimited (SUP-U M, SUP-U W)
   No hull restrictions of any kind.

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