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2. Biography (including Obituary)

This section includes all kinds of biographical articles from Canoe News about paddlers, mostly but not exclusively USCA members.

  Earl Baldwin (2009 article by Priscilla Reinertsen)
Earl Baldwin Priscilla Reinertsen Mayor's Cup Maine Kayak
  Chuck Weis (1933-2009), (2009 memorial article, various authors)
Chuck Weis, memories by family and friends
  Greg Barton and the Barton Cup (2007 article)
Greg Barton biography, and the Barton Cup
  Bittersweet Nationals (2008 article by Matt Meersman)
USCA Nationals dedicated to the memory of Pat Sawyer
  Dan Hassel (2008 article by Peter Heed)
Dan Hassel boat designer, racer
  Pat Sawyer (1968-2008), (2008 articles by Ted Beatty and Janet Perry)

  Thor Ronemus, death notice 2009
Thor Ronemus, death notice 2009
  Chuck Weis, death notice 2009

  Back, and Still in the Game (2008 article by David Landenwitch)
Dave Landenwitch back at Nationals
  "Doc" Van Patter (1924-2007), (2008 article by Stephen Lynn)
Dr Robert James "Doc" Van Patter, Scouts, White River
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