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For all Event Sanctioning & Insurance matters:

Joan Theiss, Insurance Coordinator, USCA
12802 Lake Jovita Blvd.
Dade City, FL 33525-8265

E-mail Joan Theiss
Phone: (352) 588-9877

For all Canoe News matters:

Steven Horney, Editor, USCA
15808 Timber Willow Drive
Huntertown, IN 46748

E-mail Steven Horney
Phone: cell (260) 452-6447

For all USCA website matters:

Larry Latta
1188 Broken Bow Ct
Westerville, OH  43081-3262

Phone: (614) 882-1519

For all membership questions:

Lynne McDuffie, Membership Chair, USCA
410 Cockman Road
Robbins, NC  27325

Phone: (910) 948-3238


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For all other questions, the following can either help you directly or refer you the appropriate person within USCA:

Rebecca Barton Davis, President, USCA
22940 H Drive S
Homer, MI  49245

Phone: (517) 2274794