2023 Stock Aluminum Canoe Nationals – Jeanerette, LA

On May 13th the USCA Stock Aluminum Nationals will be held in Jeanerette, LA, in conjunction with the 7th Annual Chitimacha Race hosted by the Tour du Teche Organization. The ten-mile deep water course will start from Jeanerette City Park to the Chitimacha Boat Dock. For more details, please visit the event webpage https://tourduteche.com/races/chitimacha/ or contact the race director, Tave Lamperez, at Lamperez@aol.com.

Current USCA membership is required to race in the USCA Aluminum Nationals Races. To join electronically, go to www.uscanoe.com, click the JOIN USCA button and chose the type of membership. You may also join USCA on day of race. (Cash or check only). Governing membership is $20 for individual, $25 for family. If a junior’s family is not a family member, the junior can join for $7.50.

National Aluminum Canoe Criteria: While the class was created for stock manufactured aluminum canoes, other stock recreational manufactured canoes are legal (wood, Rolex [ABS], plastic, etc.), but no Kevlar, carbon fiber or racing hulls are allowed. No modifications to the external hull are permissible, although seats, foot braces, bulkheads and decks may be modified or removed. However, any flotation removed from bulkheads, etc. must be replaced to provide 25 lbs. of buoyancy. No beaver canoes are legal.
Because many Alumacraft aluminum canoes have been modified to race the Texas Water Safari and other southern races, contestants must ensure that the external hull of their canoe has not been modified or pulled in. The Race Chairman and the Technical Director of Inspection will be observing canoes and make the final determination as to the legality of any “stock” canoes.

Any question concerning the legality of any canoe can be directed to Bob Spain at rws0987@yahoo.com.

We look forward to seeing you at the race, but if you need additional information, please contact Bob Spain, 512-296-5544, rws0987@yahoo.com or Joy Emshoff, 512-626-3741, jle4321@yahoo.com